12 Minute 4×4 Lower Abs Workout

4 x 4 ABS! LOWER ABS FOCUSED A simple yet very effective routine to work the ab muscles and core with a focus on the lower abs! Straight to the point and intense! The main focus for this routine is that lower back pressed into the mat the entire time… it doesn’t matter how low you lower the legs but so important to only lower to where you can keep that back PRESSED into the mat!

If you lie flat on your back with legs straighten out and completely relaxed, you will notice you can place hand or a small gap in under the lower back due to natural curvature. Then think about preventing this gap. You automatically brace the core and press the lower back into the mat.

This is s simple way to think about leg lowers. If you perform leg lowers with bending at the knees, lower to just above the floor or lower by 30°, this isn’t important. If you try to lower past where you should and the lower back lifts off the mat, then you simply won’t be working the muscles you are aiming to!

And ensure you are breathing the entire time! Aim to relax your breathe and exhale during the lowering! I really appreciate repetition when I perform ab workouts, even if it is not specifically repetition but variations off s similar movement, I find I gain the most from! One other point… take it SLOW!

Perform each rep with intent! The timer will be on for 40 seconds of work per exercise with 5 seconds to get ready for the next exercise! As the title implies, we simply perform these 4 exercises for 4 sets amounting to 12 minutes!

All you will need is your mat! TUCK LEG LOWER REVERSE CRUNCH TO TOE TAP ALTERNATING LEG LOWER Take your time with each rep and have fun! Cx