20 Minute Dumbbell Lower Body Circuits Workout

This is lower body circuits! Those quads, hamstrings and glutes are all tested today!! It might be only 20 minutes but we are using compound movements and a combination of dumbbells & bodyweight with the emphasis on NO MOMENTUM!

There is a time for momentum absolutely and I incorporate it into many workouts in different ways but most resistance training we aim to minimise any assistance to lift! This workout as you will see if a perfect quick workout to really hit those legs! Even though it is a quick workout, only 20 minutes, that doesn’t mean we need to perform fast reps! We will get a lot out of each rep the slower we go as you will feel! All you will need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells! I also use a yoga block to elevate the feet however this is optional!

The dumbbells I am using for your reference are 10kg each throughout! The timer will be on for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest before moving to the next exercise in the circuit! We simply perform the circuit for 3 rounds in total! ELEVATED SQUAT RDL STATIC LUNGE (one side) SWITCH SIDE! 1/2 REP HEEL ELEVATED SQUATS (bodyweight) 1/2 REP RDLS FINISHER! LUNGE TO SQUAT X1 DUMBBELL BODYWEIGHT ONLY SAME SIDE! LUNGE TO SQUAT X1 DUMBBELL BODYWEIGHT ONLY SAME SIDE! 1/2 REP BODYWEIGHT SQUATS! This will be one of those workouts I plan to revisit perhaps over Christmas holidays as it’s only 20 minutes and it definitely hits the spot! I think you will LOVE this workout! I definitely did and my legs felt pretty awesome after! Cx