20 Minute Tricep Workout with Dumbbells

Yes! Not a single push up in this upper body workout! The triceps will be challenged through isolation movements involving a pair of dumbbells but also just one dumbbell! When you are lying on the mat performing each rep, aim to continually be thinking… perform each rep with intent.

During the SKULLCRUSHERS, aim to not let the upper arms move! That means up & down but also elbows in during the lift as this can part can often lead to the body wanting to push those elbows out! During the TRICEP PRESS, control the lowering and ensure full range on each rep!

During the OVERHEAD EXTENSION with one dumbbell, even though the arm is extended behind the head at an angle from the shoulders, aim to maintain this angle even though you are hinging at the elbow to lower & lift! All you will need is a pair of dumbbells and your mat!

The dumbbells I am using for your reference are 8kg each! This workout involves you lying on the mat the entire time!! Although this doesn’t mean it’ll be easy! This is a very rewarding workout that allows real connection to those triceps and the isolation is intense! Have an awesome workout everyone!!! Cx