From 600 Pounds to the Stage with “Possible” Pat Brocco

Pat had been big forever—so big that he could gain 100 pounds in a little over a year and not even notice a difference. But then he turned his life around, one literal step at a time. On the verge of his first-ever competition, the star of’s popular YouTube series joins us to get real about life-changing transformations.


  • How Pat got up to 600… and gained 100 lbs in a year and a half without noticing
  • What it’s like seeing himself in people online every day
  • What pushed him to finally make it happen
  • His plan: Walking to get every meal, every day
  • “Do I get the egg whites or do I get the 100 chicken nuggets?”
  • What 100 pounds lighter felt and looked like
  • Why trainers didn’t work for him
  • “Losing weight wasn’t hard. Prep is hard.”
  • What he’d say to anyone else thinking of hitting the stage after serious weight loss
  • The “selfish” question: Is it worth it to be away from your kids for training if it means you’ll get to live longer?
  • The dark side of skin removal surgery

What if he doesn’t win?


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