Bikini Pro Glute Workout w/ Q&A With Taylor Chamberlain

A strong rear is the key to a well-balanced physique. Take your glutes to the next level with IFBB Bikini Pro Taylor Chamberlain’s booty workout!

Hip Mobility Routine

  1. Glute Activation Superset – 3 sets – Cable glute kickbacks (on knees): 12 reps w. Back extensions glute focused: 12 reps
  2. Superset – 4 sets – Hip Thrusts: 10 reps w. Unweighted hip thrusts – 10 reps
  3. Superset – 3 sets – Cable Curtesy lunge with squat – 10 reps each side w. Unweighted step ups – 10 reps each side
  4. Superset – 3 sets – Barbell Reverse lunge – 10 reps each side w. Single Leg RDLs – 10 reps each side
  5. Superset – Body weight hamstring curls (stability ball) – 6-8 reps w. Lying stability ball curls – 10 reps
  6. Cool down: stretch and foam roll


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