Effective Muscle Building Foods

Food plays an important role in increasing muscle mass right through weight training. Proper foods help to enhance your endurance and performance and provide better results after intense workouts. Muscle building foods not only increases muscle mass but also supply strength required in the muscle building program. These foods are also crucial for the muscle growth and damage control. Therefore, muscle building foods along with suitable exercises will allow you to achieve your workout goals and acquire a perfectly developed physique.

Additionally, people who seek to build muscles must ideally eat after a gap of two to three hours. Here are some of the muscle building foods that can help to acquire the desired body.

The Most Effective Muscle Building Foods:

Protein Rich Food:

Proteins are fittingly referred to as our body’s building blocks. Proteins restrain all the vital amino acids that are necessary for replenishment of tissues and muscle repair after a strenuous and heavy workout.

Protein from Animal Sources:

Cold water fish such as cod, salmon and tuna are rich source of protein and assist in muscle gain. Poultry and meat products like turkey, chicken, red meat and beef form an essential component of muscle building foods. Moreover, eggs are highly rich in protein and therefore are a favorite among most muscle builders. In fact, muscle building foods diet is considered incomplete without eggs.

Healthy FoodsVegetarian Food:

There are ample of protein enriched muscle building foods for the vegetarians as well. Protein foods comprise of legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, split peas and flageolet. Soy products like whole grain and cereals include abundant amount of protein. Nuts and seeds that are high in protein are pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts. Moreover, vegetables such as mushrooms, cabbage, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, lettuce etc. has good amount of protein.


Fruits like bananas, avocados, apricots, dates, papaya and watermelon aids to build muscles. These fruits are also highly antioxidants, which makes them favorable for the body in order to prevent fatigue and muscle cramps.

Dairy Products:

Sufficient amount of dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt can help to enhance the overall wellness of the body. Dairy products prove to be very beneficial as muscle building foods.

Why Protein:

Whey protein is supposed to be the one of the best muscle building foods. Whey proteins possess all the vital amino acids. It is also the key body building supplement, primarily because our body cannot generate all the amino acids needed by the body to form muscle mass. Whey protein isolate is the best variety of whey protein, since it has around ninety percent protein and less quantity of fat.


Consuming food rich in protein is not enough; our body requires other vital nutrients like carbohydrates, fats and vitamins in proper quantities since they form an integral part of muscle building foods. Carbohydrates are important for maintaining the body’s energy levels that are required for the daily activities. Fruits and vegetables are thought to be excellent sources of carbohydrates. Also avoid fried foods, fast and junk foods, carbonated drinks and caffeine.


Nearly 70 percent of our body is made of water which means, our tissue cells, muscles, ligaments and blood all contain water. Drinking 5-7 liters of water per day is imperative if you wish to build muscles as remaining hydrated provides full strength to the muscles and water is a medium through which nutrients are transported to the cells of the muscles.

To conclude, avoid short cuts methods like taking steroids to build muscles as that can have an adverse effect in the long run. Muscle building cannot be achieved overnight – it entails a balanced combination of rigorous exercise along with the natural muscle building foods that will assist in obtaining a muscular, lifelong and a healthy body.